Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I'm back - with a little bit of a different plan for this fall. After hitting a massive style rut that led to a summer of only rotating through the same 3-5 outfits, I've decided to do an overhaul on both my closet and my style. The idea of a capsule wardrobe landed in my lap at just the right moment. I've been struggling for the last year with the fact that the majority of my closet are things I only wear once or twice a year for an outfit post.

That is neither realistic or sustainable.

Instead, I'm giving away and boxing up everything that I'm crazy about wearing right now and sticking with a limited capsule wardrobe for October, November and December. If I love it (and I think I will), I'll do it again for winter, spring, summer, etc. I'm beyond excited about the prospect of building a closet of pieces that actually reflect where my life is at right now. I have to admit - that took a great deal of honesty on my part.

Right now, I am in my senior year of college, working 3 jobs, and planning to travel to Washington, D.C. and Seattle for professional events with my school's PRSSA chapter. Because of that, I need lots of easy options for class (dressing up for class everyday during my senior year just isn't going to happen), slightly more stylish and professional options for working in the office, and business casual looks for the PRSSA events.

Here's what I'll be working with this fall:

The Breakdown: 

I used a free wardrobe planner from Caroline of Un-Fancy to plan my capsule wardrobe (I highly recommend browsing through her blog if you're interested in the capsule wardrobe idea!). As you can see, my color scheme is mostly neutrals (cream, gray, olive, and black) with some navy blues and cranberry reds. Knowing that my go-to uniform is a cardigan or sweater, ponte pants, and boots or a dress and boots, I included plenty of those pieces plus a few outliers to mix things up.

Here's what I ended up with:

Cream blouse
White blouse
Black blouse
Wine blouse
Navy floral blouse
Cream floral blouse
Black and white polka dot blouse
Cream tank
Black tank
Teal tank
Black and white tee
Chambray shirt
Plaid shirt

Jackets and Sweaters
Cropped tweed jacket
Utility jacket
Jean jacket
Chunky gray open cardigan
Black and gray open cardigan
Patterned knit bomber jacket
Olive cocoon cardigan
Brown cocoon cardigan
Black and cream sweater

Black ponte pants/leggings
Gray leggings
Dark wash high rise jeggings
Medium wash skinny jeans
Wine ponte pants
Black flared skirt
Black and white pencil skirt
Navy floral pencil skirt
Olive pencil skirt

Gray sweatshirt knit dress
Tribal print shift dress
Wrap dress
Navy polka dot dress
Windowpane check shirtdress

Black boots
Brown boots
Flat ankle boots
Nude heels
Black heels
Black flats
White and black spotted flats
Wedge ankle boots

That works out to be 44 items in my fall capsule, which is a little more than the recommended 37. However, a good chunk of my items are things that I will only wear for certain events (like the heels and pencil skirts) so I wanted to be safe and err on the high end of the spectrum.

What do you think? Would you try out a capsule wardrobe for a season?

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Dose of Blush and Gray

I know it's been a while, but I think I'll save the dramatic tale of my life lately for another post. Thanks to these lovely photos from Callie though, I feel like I'm coming back with a bang! This outfit was definitely one of my favorites this spring. When the midi trend started popping up, I thought there was no way it would work for me. Although midi skirts look totally glamorous and sophisticated on a multitude of bloggers, the fact that I don't wear heels seemed to count me out. A skirt that awkwardly cuts me off mid-calf without the lengthening effect of heels? No thanks. Then I saw this outfit from Ladies in Navy and knew I had to make myself an ethereal, ballerina-inspired skirt. And you know what? I love it and all it's midi-length awkwardness, especially when paired with an equally ballet-esque blush tank. You'll definitely be seeing a lot more of this skirt throughout the summer. It might even be worth digging out the heels for! 

Jacket: American Eagle / tank: Nordstrom / skirt: DIY / flats: Nordstrom Rack

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Dose of Pastel

 photo pastel-blue-plaid-scarf_zps4fa2fa03.jpg

I've mentioned before that I struggle when it comes to putting together spring outfits and I think I've finally figured out why. Part of it is definitely Oregon's inconsistent weather (yesterday I was wearing a jacket, sweater, pants and boots!), but part of it is the fact that while I'm at school all of my summer clothes are living in my closet at home. It just doesn't make sense to haul an entire wardrobe back and forth between Eugene and Portland just for one season. So when spring hits and everyone starts digging into their warm weather clothes, I'm stuck with the same skirts and dresses I've been wearing all fall and winter. This means that once spring hits I'm pretty much guaranteed to fall into a style rut. Luckily for me, I was able to cram a handful of summery dress into my bag when I was home last weekend so I'll at least have a few fresh items in the mix!

To pull this outfit together, I literally grabbed every pastel item in my closet (all two of them!) and made it work. Fortunately, this blue lace skirt screams spring! I actually made it last year out of leftover fabric from my senior prom dress and it was so fun to be reminded of such a fun memory all day!

 photo pastel-lace-skirt_zps512021a9.jpg
 photo cream-button-back-blouse_zpsf0ee149c.jpg
 photo pastel-blue-lace_zps54072800.jpg
 photo gray-bow-flats_zpsc6cf8fc4.jpg
Blouse: Nordstrom Rack / scarf: American Eagle / skirt: self-made / belt: Forever 21 / flats: Charlotte Russe

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Favorites

Since it finally feels like spring in Oregon as of yesterday, I decided to round up a few of my past favorite spring outfits. Although I absolutely love when the weather starts to warm up, I always feel like  I struggle with spring fashion. I don't know if it's just due to the unpredictable weather where one day can be warm and sunny but the next cold and rainy or the fact that I'm just drawn more to fall colors than I am to pastels, but I'm hoping to use these past favorites to inspire me to own my spring style this year! ) ) ) )

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Dose of Sunshine

 We had our first truly warm day today and so I finally ditched the tights. It's amazing what a little sunshine and warm weather can do for your mood! Even though today was Monday and filled with a long day of classes, I had such a good day. Everything just feels right in the world when the sun's out. Can you tell I'm an Oregonian who's been deprived of the sun the last five months?

Since it was still 40 degrees out when I walked to class at 7:30 this morning but was forecasted to get up to 75 by the time I would be heading home, I had to get creative with my layering. A denim jacket and lightweight scarf kept me warm on the brisk walk to class and I was able to shed all my layers to just my sleeveless dress by the afternoon. This floral dress is a perfect example of a year-round closet staple. I've now worn this dress in the middle of a snow storm and for our first warm spring day.

 Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch / scarf: Nordstrom / dress: Nordstrom Rack / flats: Target

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Dose of Spring (finally!)

It was finally warm enough this week to ditch my tights for a day! That is equal parts amazing and terrible because, although I love the sunshine, my legs are so white they're practically blue and I can't bring myself to bare them completely just yet. Even one of my professors commented on how pale I am compared to my classmates who came back from spring break with tans. Unfortunately, as the daughter of a redhead, my skin being anything but pasty white would require the work of a miracle.

The over-the-knee socks and boots were a good compromise. I could enjoy semi-bare legs without scaring everyone on campus. I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about the super high socks when I left for class, but since I had already put the outfit together and didn't have time to come up with something else, I just decided to go for it. I've been feeling like I play it too safe with my outfits lately and have been falling into a bit of a rut so this was definitely good to mix things up! I got quite a few stares on campus, but Miss Callie of Coffee and Cardigans approved and I really like how it looks in these pictures so I'm going to chalk this outfit up as a win!

 Dress, boots: Nordstrom Rack / cardigan: JCPenney / socks: American Apparel

How do you feel about over-the-knee socks (or boots, for that matter)? I'd love to hear your opinion!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Unboxing the UniVoxBox

The UniVoxBox from Influenster was waiting for me when I got back to school from spring break. This is my first Vox Box and I was so excited to open it up. It is full of goodies that are perfect for the start of spring term! I was worried the Vox Box might be a little hit and miss, since I didn't actually know what was coming in it, but I was pleasantly surprised that the majority of these are products I will actually use (or already love). Take a peek at what showed up in my college-student-friendly package:

Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuchsia: This bright pink lipstick is a little outside my comfort zone, but I did swipe it on to see how it looked. To my surprise, it was actually kind of cute! It would still take a ton of confidence for me to wear this shade out of the house, but I might be able to work my way up to it. It's definitely a fun color for spring if you're into bold lips! The formula is creamy and seems like it could last an entire day. At only $1.99 it's worth experimenting with.

Red Rose REAL TEA Premium Water Enhancer: I wasn't too sure about this one, since although I love drinking tea, I very rarely drink plain black tea. However, I actually really enjoyed this. It wasn't bitter like I expected and I love that I can control how strong the tea is based on how much concentrate I add to my cup. I made a hot cup of tea since it was a chilly day today, but I can't wait to try this iced and mixed with a splash of lemonade! This product typically sells for $4.49.

Pilot Acroball PureWhite: I've always been a fan of Pilot pens and this one is no exception. I love that they come in bright fun colors rather than boring black and blue. This is definitely going to be my new favorite pen for taking notes in class. These pens can be bought in packs from $4.59 for 3 to $7.49 for 5.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: I've been using these for years, ever since I played lacrosse in high school and I swear by them! Boxes sell for $3.99-$4.99.

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure: These press-on nails are the item I'm least excited about. Although I paint my nails pretty frequently, I'm not really a fan of fake nails. In fact, I think the last time I wore fake nails, I was five and they came with one of my Barbies. That being said, the floral pattern could be fun for spring or summer and they look like I could take them off pretty easily so I might have to give them a try. A pack of nails should last about a week and sells for $5.99.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation: This is definitely the product I was most excited about trying. I have been wearing a Neutrogena Skin-Clearing foundation for years, but have been wanting to branch out since it seems to dry my skin out during the winter. For the last few months, I've been using Garnier's BB Cream, but their lightest shade is still a little too dark for me. This one, on the other hand, is the perfect shade of pale for my skin. I smoothed a thin layer of this lightweight formula on for a nine-hour day on campus and my skin stayed matte the entire day, even though I have oily skin. This product is a total win for me and will probably be my new go-to foundation. It retails for about $4.99 and since I only used a pencil-eraser-sized amount for my entire face, I have a feeling it will last a while.

I'm so excited to share my first VoxBox with you! Have you tried any of these products out? Anything here you're hoping to try? Let me know in the comments below.

I received these products for free to test. However, all opinions are entirely my own and I received no other compensation.
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